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Bosch Zexel Hole-Type Nozzle / Diesel 9432610439 – Hino

Bosch Zexel Hole-Type Nozzle / Diesel H105017270 – Isuzu

Bosch Zexel Hole-Type Nozzle 9432610384 – Nissan / UD Trucks

Bosch Zexel Hole-Type Nozzle H105015917 Nissan / UD Trucks

Bosch Zexel Hole-Type Nozzle H105017178 – Isuzu

Bosch Zexel Injection Pump Element 9410618122

Bosch Zexel Injection Pump Rotor / Hydraulic Head 9461615070 – Isuzu

Bosch Zexel Injection Pump Rotor / Hydraulic Head 9461617094 – Nissan / Mitsubishi

Bosch Zexel Injector Nozzle / Diesel H105007130 – Mitsubishi

Bosch Zexel Pump Piston 9461624607 – Isuzu

Bosch Zexel Standard Pintle Nozzle / Diesel H105007113 – Nissan / UD trucks

Bosch Zexel Standard Pintle Nozzle / Diesel H105007117 – Shibaura

Top-Tier Zexel Auto Parts Dubai

Zexel is marked as One of the major OE suppliers for top-notch conventional diesel systems. The company was established in Japan in 1939 as a manufacturer of automotive parts. This brand aspires to reach the pinnacle of performance, and high quality and acquire customer satisfaction. Robert Bosch GmbH acquired the company in 2000, and Zexel thereafter adopted the Bosch logo. Triple-A Trading provide a wide collection of Zexel auto parts Dubai products and sells systems and components for fuel engine control, transmission controls, braking structures for passenger cars, utility sensors for cars, and manipulator units for airbag structures to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and techniques of Zexel to manufacture these components and systems make it stand out from the crowd. For the duration of all of its production methods, the corporation also views environmental conservation as crucial. You can purchase additives from Triple-A Trading in addition to Zexel’s entire assembly injectors and pumps.

Zexel Injection Pump Parts, Injectors, Nozzles, and More!

Triple-A Trading provide a wide range of genuine Zexel gasoline injection parts. We are a trusted distributor of Zexel injection pumps and pump parts based in the UAE and Turkey. We offer a wide selection of spare parts, including Zexel injectors, nozzles, pumps, rotor heads, transport valves, and plungers. We have a wide range of genuine Zexel gas injection parts for sale as a leading supplier of gasoline injection components. 

No matter if you want auto parts for Leading Japanese automakers including Mitsubishi, Hino, Nissan, Isuzu, and Komatsu or other automakers such as Honda, Ford, Mazda, and Kia, Triple-A Trading have you covered with the best Zexel parts. 

Seamless and Dynamic Spare Parts for your Vehicle

Triple-A Trading is an expert in every size, make, and model of diesel engine, pump and injector, alternative units, and spare parts for the automotive industry. Pumps, injectors, replacement parts, and engine parts from Zexel are all seamless and work efficiently. The modern gasoline injection structures from Zexel have redefined the diesel age, regardless of whether it concerns the distributor type injection pump, the unit injector, or the common rail. 

The best Zexel pump injector technology has raised the bar for the effectiveness and overall performance of diesel engines. Electronic control now allows for expected injection pressures, shorter intervals between the pilot, primary, and secondary injections, and more precise timing of the gasoline injection. This will improve engine performance while lowering intake and emissions at the same time.

We provide incredibly strong and updated spare parts, which are reasonably priced.

Triple-A Trading – A Top Supplier of Genuine Zexel Parts

Triple-A Trading has been a long-time distributor of Zexel gasoline injection parts. Whether you need a Zexel governor, nozzle, or other tiny Zexel pump component, contact us and one of our staff members will do their best to assist you. We ensure the provision of only genuine injection spare parts. Here you can have access to a wide range of Zexel diesel gas injection components options. 

Our professional parts interpreters help you identify the issue with your car and find the right part to get you back on the road thanks to access to well-known manufacturers’ spare parts collection. 

Explore our website to purchase your needed item at the most affordable prices.