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Mahle O-Ring Set, cylinder sleeve 213SK50109000 – Bova / DAF / GINAF / Irizar / Solaris / Temsa / Van Hool / VDL

213SK50109000, 2 13S K50 109 000, 2.13S.K50.109.000

Buy Wholesale Mahle O-Ring Set, cylinder sleeve 213SK50109000 - Bova / DAF / GINAF / Irizar / Solaris / Temsa / Van Hool / VDL Online. The Mahle O-Ring Set, cylinder sleeve 213SK50109000, is a precision-engineered component designed to ensure optimal sealing and performance in the engine cylinders of various heavy-duty vehicles including Bova, DAF, GINAF, Irizar, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, and VDL. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using high-quality materials, this O-Ring Set guarantees a secure and durable seal between the cylinder sleeve and the engine block, effectively preventing leakage and maintaining efficient combustion. Engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressures, it offers reliability even in demanding operating conditions, making it an essential component for engine maintenance and overhaul.

Technical Specifications:

Part Number: 213SK50109000 Application: Cylinder sleeve sealing Compatibility: Bova, DAF, GINAF, Irizar, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, VDL Material: High-quality elastomer compound Temperature Range: -40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F) Pressure Range: Up to 150 bar (2175 psi) Dimensions: Standard OEM fitment Quantity: Set of O-Rings for one cylinder sleeve Manufacturer: Mahle, a leading supplier of automotive components

Part Number:

Description: O-Ring Set, cylinder sleeve Part Number 1: 213SK50109000 Part Number 2: 213SK50083000 Compatible with: Bova Magiq / Synergy / DAF CF 85 / XF 105 / GINAF X-Series / Irizar i6 / PB / Solaris VACANZA / Temsa SAFARI / SAFIR / SAFIR PLUS / Van Hool T-Serie / VDL Futura / Jonkheere DAF OE Number 1: 1603977 DAF OE Number 2: 1603978 DAF OE Number 3: 2117828

Mahle O-Ring Set – Premium Sealing Solutions by Triple A Trading

At Triple A Trading, we proudly present the Mahle O-Ring Set, an epitome of precision and reliability in sealing solutions. Designed to meet the exacting standards of various industries, the Mahle O-Ring Set offers unparalleled sealing performance, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity for diverse applications.

Unmatched Quality and Durability

Crafted with the finest materials and engineered with meticulous attention to detail, our Mahle O-Ring Set stands as a testament to excellence. Each set comprises a comprehensive range of O-rings meticulously manufactured to the highest standards. From automotive to industrial needs, these sets are adept at sealing applications across a spectrum of environments and pressures, guaranteeing leak-free performance.

Versatile Applications

The Mahle O-Ring Set caters to a myriad of applications, providing a reliable seal for hydraulic systems, pneumatic equipment, automotive engines, and more. This versatile set ensures a snug fit and superior sealing, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal system performance. Whether it’s an o-ring kit, repair kit, or a complete seal solution, Mahle delivers reliability and precision across the board.

Trusted Performance for Longevity

Triple A Trading prioritizes delivering not just products, but solutions that endure. The Mahle O-Ring Set is engineered for durability, resilience, and compatibility with various fluids and temperatures. Its robust construction and high-grade materials guarantee extended service life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Why Choose Mahle O-Ring Sets from Triple A Trading?

  • Exceptional Quality Assurance: Every O-ring in the Mahle set undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet international standards.
  • Comprehensive Assortment: Our sets encompass various sizes, materials, and specifications, ensuring suitability for diverse applications.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team offers expert advice and assistance to help you select the ideal O-ring set for your specific needs.

For premium sealing solutions that ensure efficiency and reliability, trust the Mahle O-Ring Set available at Triple A Trading. Explore our range today to discover excellence in sealing technology!

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