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Mahle Starter MS524 – Scania

MS524, M S5 24, M.S5.24

Buy Wholesale Mahle Starter MS524 - Scania Online. The Mahle Starter MS524 is a robust and reliable starting solution tailored specifically for Scania vehicles. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, this starter ensures optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Scania engines, the Mahle Starter MS524 provides quick and efficient starting, enhancing the overall reliability and functionality of the vehicle.

Technical Specifications:

Model: Mahle Starter MS524 Compatibility: Designed for Scania vehicles Power Output: High torque for reliable starting Voltage: Typically available in 24 volts Construction: Sturdy materials for durability and longevity Compatibility: Engineered to seamlessly integrate with Scania engines Performance: Ensures quick and efficient starting even in challenging environments Reliability: Built to withstand heavy-duty usage and extreme conditions Installation: Easy to install, compatible with standard Scania engine configurations Warranty: Backed by Mahle's reputation for quality and reliability

Part Number:

Description: Starter Part Number: MS524 Compatible with: Scania 4 - series SCANIA OE Number 1: 0571168 SCANIA OE Number 2: 0571427 SCANIA OE Number 3: 1357709 SCANIA OE Number 4: 1358639 SCANIA OE Number 5: 571168 SCANIA OE Number 6: 571427