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AWL 810/C Low Intensity airport vehicle Warning Light engineered according to ICAO

Introducing the AWL 810/C, a Low Intensity Airport Vehicle Warning Light meticulously engineered to adhere to ICAO Low Intensity Type C regulations. Crafted with a lightweight heat sink base, this beacon ensures efficiency and longevity, making it an optimal choice for quality warning signals. Equipped with a flashing light, its optical reflector guarantees a 360° horizontal beam radiation and a vertical beam spanning from +0° to +12°, ensuring comprehensive visibility. The LED circuitry extends the product's lifespan to over a decade, boasting significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Available in amber for ground operation vehicles and in blue for airport priority vehicles, the AWL 810/C offers versatility to suit diverse operational needs.

Key Specifications:

Voltage: 12/24V DC +/-10% Technology: LED Energy Efficiency: Low Consumption Light Output: Stabilized

Mounting Options:

Flat Mounting: Easily installable on flat surfaces (ISO B1 configuration, featuring 3 holes at 120° intervals) Plug Mounting: Compatible with ISO A plug for hassle-free installation Magnetic Base: Conveniently mounts on metal surfaces Powering via Helix Cable and Cigar Plug (provided) System Design Support: Our team of experts offers comprehensive assistance to designers and installers, providing professional support in navigating norms and system configurations to ensure seamless integration and compliance.