Automobile spare parts are those parts of a vehicle that can be replaced or changed in case of any dysfunction of that part. With the change of time, car models and features are modifying day by day. Different types of vehicles contain different efficiency, strength, and size of parts. Commonly vehicles can be divided into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Passenger vehicles are vehicles with less than 9 seats that are responsible to take passengers. But commercial vehicles on the other hand are such huge trucks that are used to transfer goods and to take passengers more than 9( number of passengers vary vehicle to vehicle). Auto spare parts Dubai market is expanding day by day with the introduction of new vehicles in the auto world. 

Different spare parts are for different use and so are placed in their belonging area for the car’s perfect functioning. Here is a list of some important car parts and their use in the vehicle:

Vehicle Engine:

The engine is considered as the most vital part of any vehicle. A vehicle can’t operate or can’t even run with a dysfunctional engine. So it is also the most important vehicle’s spare part. An engine should work smoothly without any heat-ups to prevent any issues in driving. Engines also vary from vehicle to vehicle as they come in different varieties like electrical engines, three-stroke, four-stroke cylindrical engines, and others. Keep on checking your engine’s health regularly and make sure that the “check engine” light is functioning. In case you find any engine dysfunctioning, you should immediately get it checked and repaired by a reliable workshop or you can also buy car parts online


The car’s gearbox comes in two different types; Automatic and Manual. If we see the most recently launched vehicles then most of the vehicles are coming with an automatic gearbox. The automatic gearbox is more convenient and easy to use compared to the manual gearbox. But an automatic gearbox has its drawbacks too. Such as an automatic gearbox slips more and experiences grind and face transmitting error. In this case, the gearbox needs to be changed to avoid any inconvenience later. 


Vehicles also undergo the position of brake failure both instantly and gradually. Brakes are considered one of the most integral parts of and vehicle and nobody can afford its malfunctioning. So, it is very important to keep on checking your vehicle brakes regularly. Also, you should not avoid if you feel any inconvenience in your vehicle’s brake system. 

Automobile spare parts are very sensitive parts and you should always be careful about purchasing a spare part for your vehicle. We all know that automobile spare parts are very expensive and we can’t compromise on purchasing them. So the very important thing to keep in notice while making your purchase is to choose the most reliable spare part shop for your vehicle. You can’t make a second purchase if you recently purchases a spare parts that also went out of function or caused any disturbance. If you head towards any local workshop for the vehicle spare parts, you might be made to face the music and it will also cause you a lot of money waste.

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