A starter is a vital part of a car. As its name suggests it works to start a car. Thus, if there are any issues with this part, the vehicles cannot operate as usual. No one would want to experience especially when going on a vacation trip. When you have a faulty starter it means you are dead in the water as you will not be able to move your vehicle when the starter no longer works. it might seem like it happened all of a sudden but there are a few signs that indicate that you have a bad starter. In case you are aware of these signs, you can avoid being stranded. Before discussing the signs let’s find out what is a starter and how it works. 

What Is A Starter 

The car starter is composed of two main parts the primary motor which helps in turning on the crankshaft and starts the engine. The second part is the solenoid which determines the drive gear of the starter and the closing of the electrical contacts of the main motor. A malfunctioning starter can be because of poor maintenance. As the starter is powered by the car’s battery, if the rely of the starter is bad now power will be delivered to the car and the car will not move. 

When Your Car Refuses To Start

The first and the most obvious sign of a failing car starter is when you turn up your key or push the start button and your engine refuses to crank. You could hear a clicking or clanking sound every time you turn the key, or you could hear nothing at all. If you notice something like this it means you have a problem with the key part of your starter system. You could have a problem with the electric system or the solenoid, or the starter motor itself. You should  fix this problem without wasting any time. Auto spare parts Dubai has a variety of starters and alternators you can order it online. 


Unusual Noises 

The unusual grinding, clinking, and whirring noises are produced when the starter drive gear is not engaging properly or is already.In case you notice these sounds you should immediately visit a repair shop. In case you ignore these sounds, it can eventually lead to damage to the engine flywheel. Auto spare parts Dubai has top-quality auto parts that can enhance the life span of your vehicle. 

When Your Vehicle Labors To Crank Or Cranks Slowly 

Slow or labored cranking when you start your car is a prominent sign that you have something bad with your starter. This symptom indicates that toward a starter motor problem or it could mean something else in your system. When you notice something like that check it right away, to negate further damages. Auto parts Dubai has quality starters that can enhance the efficiency of your engine. 

When Your Car Starts Intermittently 

When you have a starter problem that only happens intermittently can be an annoying event. This is also difficult to fix. Loose or dirty wiring can be the cause behind your problem. But other electrical components like damaged rely could cause it to fail and work under certain conditions. As it happens rarely still you need to fix it on time, it will get worse eventually, and you can end up stranded on the road. You can buy auto spare parts online for your vehicle. 

Dimming Interior Lights When You Attempt To Start

When your interior lights or dashboard lights dim while you attempt to start your car, a common cause is a short circuit in the internal wiring. When this short circuit happens your starter tries to draw more power. Which in return drains the other system like lights. You may also notice a chugging sound along with the dimming lights. This is also an indication of bearing failure in the motor, and your vehicle needs repairing right away. You can buy auto spare parts online visit at reasonable prices. 


In case you notice any smoke, it is a warning sign. It actually indicates various things starter problems or starting circuits. Smoke indicates that an excessive amount of power is delivered through an electric supply to the starter. This happens due to several reasons. It can be because the starter is operated non-stop for too long or because the starter might be shortened. If you notice the presence of smoke seek assistance from a professional as soon as possible. Buy long-lasting auto parts at auto spare parts Dubai. 

Oil Soak 

As the starter is located around the bottom of the car’s engine which makes it more vulnerable to get soaked from drivetrain fluids or engine oil. If you have an oil-soaked starter then the expected life span of your starter will be short. While fixing the starter first you need to fix the leak to prevent any further damage. Auto spare parts Dubai is providing quality starters from reliable companies. 

Malfunctioning Solenoid 

The solenoid is vital part of the starter. It is responsible for the transmission of electrical current coming from the battery to the starter motor. This happens every time you turn the key in the vehicle’s ignition. The solenoid pushes the starter drive towards  the flywheel. Without it, the starter will not function. In case you notice that nothing happens when you turn the key to the crank position. Then, first, you should try to jiggle the gear shift lever of the transmission. If the engine is still not cranking then the problem might be coming from the solenoid. Buy auto spare parts online for the efficient performance of your vehicle.  


As a mindful driver, you should take note of the given symptoms and warning signs of a failing starter to prevent any further damage.

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