Most people are of the view that expensive plugs are the best option for the efficient performance of our car’s engine. This is not true rather the spark plugs selection depends on the specifications and characteristics of your engine. When you opt for the wrong spark plug it might reduce the efficiency of your engine or it can cause damage to your engine. 


When we talk about spark plugs most of us think that hotter spark plugs are always better because the primary purpose of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel at just the right moment, creating the combustion needed to generate the most power. But to accomplish this task the temperature of the plug must meet the demands of the application. In case the tip of the spark plug is hot it can cause pre-ignition. Which can lead to knocking, detonation and damage may occur while on the other hand if it is cold, electrically conductive deposits may form on the insulator causing a loss of spark energy or the spark current. Triple-A trading is second to none in providing quality spark plugs from reliable plugs. We at auto spare parts Dubai have the best spark plugs from reliable manufacturers. 

Plug Type 

The material of spark plugs determines the spark plugs’ temperature. The important thing to keep in mind while selecting spark plugs is the material of the electrode. Mostly three types of materials are used in spark plugs; copper, platinum, and iridium. Triple-A trading offers long-lasting spark plugs at auto spare parts Dubai. 

Copper Plugs 

These plugs contain copper core electrodes covered in a nickel-alloy coating. Copper plugs are the coolest-running option, they are suitable for best-performance applications with higher compression. But they have a short life span of about 20,000 miles. 

Platinum Plugs 

Platinum plugs work best at high temperatures. This helps in preventing the risk of deposit formation, making them highly suitable for lower combustion engines. Platinum plugs are harder as compared to copper plugs so they have a long life span of about 100,000 miles. 

Iridium Plugs 

These plugs service the same engines as platinum plugs because they are also hot plugs. However, iridium is a more resilient metal than platinum, these plugs have a long lifespan of around 126,000 miles. These spark plugs are commonly used because they deliver great acceleration and fuel efficiency. 

Single Or Double Electrodes

Double iridium and double platinum spark plugs were developed for use in waste spark distributorless ignition systems. In these applications, both the center and side electrodes are made up of precious precious metal discs that enable the spark to move in both directions without prompting excessive electrode wear. On the compression stroke in cars with these types of spark plugs, the spark goes from the center to the side electrode. Similarly, on the partner cylinder exhaust stroke, the spark goes from the side to the center electrode. Buy spark plugs online at auto spare parts Dubai. 

Replacement Entervals 

The recommended intervals for spark plug replacement is 10,000 to 12,000 miles in recent times. But metal spark plugs can still container performing well long after these intervals. however, as a mindful owner, you should keep an eye on your spark plugs as they reach these intervals, as electrodes wear out with time spark plugs require more voltage to fire. if you didn’t notice this wear out on time it can cause misfires. It is important to remember when you are ordering spark plugs never think of the cost for instance if the car came with a fine wire platinum spark plug the replacement plug needs to match the original. Triple-A trading has brought the best spark plugs to your disposal with the help of auto spare parts Dubai apart from this buy auto spare parts online at reasonable prices on our websites. 

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