The braking system is an integral part of the vehicle. It controls the vehicle by reducing the speed of any rotating parts of electrical and mechanical equipment. The brake system uses friction on both surfaces of the vehicle to convert kinetic energy into heat energy. A working brake system is important as it slows and halts down the motion of the vehicle. We have enlisted some of the most common types of braking systems below which are used in modern vehicles. You should know the perfect one that fits in your car easily. We have all types of car brake systems at auto spare parts Dubai. 

Hydraulic Braking System 

A hydraulic brake system works on complete fluid, cylinders, and friction by creating pressure within, glycol ethers or di-ethylene glycol which ultimately controls the movement of wheels to and make the stop. The pressure produced in the hydraulic brake system is quite high as compared to the mechanical brake system. Most modern cars use a hydraulic brake system as it is considered more efficient. This brake system is reliable as it has a direct connection with the actuator and the disc drum or drum due to which it has less chance of failure. Its name suggests that it uses liquid under pressure in order to transfer the effect of force or motion. The hydraulic brake system is based on pascal’s law. Buy auto spare parts online at auto spare parts Dubai. Including car brake system and brake system parts. 

Merits And Demerits Of Hydraulic Braking Systems

Merits include;

It has an equal effect on braking at all four wheels

Long-lasting as compared to the mechanical brake system 

Demerits include;

Hydraulic braking system becomes useless in of leakage or air in it 

The brakes shoes can get ruined if the brake fluid leaks out

Electromagnetic Braking System

This braking system is mostly found in various modern hybrid cars. An electromagnetic braking system uses the principle of electromagnetism to get frictionless braking which serves to increase the life span and reliability of the braking system. This braking system uses an electric motor to charge the batteries and regenerative brakes. This system works by passing a magnetic flux in a perpendicular direction with respect to the rotating direction of the wheel. Aside from this, there is a rapid flow of current which can be observed in the opposite direction to the rotation of the wheel. This develops an opposing force to the rotation of the wheel which slows down the wheel. Get top-quality electromagnetic brake system parts at auto spare parts Dubai at reasonable prices. 

Fractional Braking System 

This is probably one of the most common types of braking system. frictional brakes are service brakes and are typically found in two forms; shoes and pads. As its name suggests these brakes system uses friction to slow down or stop the vehicle. Auto spare parts Dubai is the best option for a quality frictional braking system. 

Drum Brake System

A drum brake system is a braking system in which friction is produced due to the impact of brake shoes which are pressed again the inner surface of the rotation drum. The drum is directly connected to the wheel hub for efficient working. In this brake system when the pedal contracts pressure presses the set of brake shoes against the drum brake which creates friction and causes the car to slow and stop. Top quality Drum Brake system parts are available at auto spare parts Dubai. 

Disc Brake System 

This brake system consists of a brake rotor that is directly attached to the wheel. In this brake system, hydraulic pressure is caused by the master cylinder which further causes a clipper to squeeze the brake pads on either side of the rotor. As a result, friction is developed between the pads and the rotor that slows or stops the vehicle. Buy auto spare parts online at auto spare parts Dubai. 

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