If you own a car then you should have a thorough knowledge of the vehicle and its parts. A car system consists of multiple parts and components that need maintenance and replacement there are various parts in the car that wear out with the passage of time and they need to be replaced. You should know in case you don’t know this article will help you in knowing the replaceable parts of the vehicle. Which are necessary to maintain your car in a good condition and your vehicle will remain young forever One malfunctioning part of your vehicle can result in reducing the efficiency of the rest of your vehicle’s functional parts.

Although most of the car’s components work differently depending on the model and type of vehicle there are many things that are common among all the cars which need timely replacement we will find those parts that need more attention and care than others it may look costly to the owner but it will benefit him in the long run auto spare part Dubai offers long-lasting auto spare parts along with warranty cards. Steering system spare parts in Dubai are also known worldwide for their reliability and quality in case you need we provide online services as well. 

Brake Pads

Brakes are an essential part of the vehicle that is responsible for your safety. If your car’s brakes are old and worn out, they should be replaced on time. Brakes are most frequently used by drivers while driving so this should be the first and utmost concern of the driver to constantly replace them when they wear out. The brake should neither be too strong nor too weak both can result in unexpected harmful accidents. Brakes are usually replaced after every 70,000 miles.


The battery is also an essential part of the car without a healthy battery a car cannot be imagined on the road. If your car’s battery is weak or showing signs of inefficiency, then you are in dire need of battery replacement. A weak or damaged battery can trick you anywhere and anytime. Cold weathers are mostly responsible for a drained battery because the chemical reaction takes place slowly inside the battery. Mostly batteries work best for 2 or three years in a moderate environment they should be replaced in case you see any indication of inefficiency.

Air Filter

Air filters work as the breathing mechanism of the vehicle. For the smooth function of the vehicle, they should be replaced within due time. Different companies have written different instructions on the owner’s manual of the car regarding air filter change duration but it should be changed instantly as it gets dirty. It maximizes the airflow to the engine which directly impacts fuel efficiency. They might be a bit costly but it contributes to the overall performance of the car.

Oil filters

Oil filters should constantly be changed these are necessary to replace for the stability of the engine and other lubrication mechanisms. Oil filters are responsible for circulating the oil in the car. Oil filters should be replaced after every 10, 000 miles but if your repairing agent finds something dirty you should change it immediately Bosch OEM auto parts have a variety of reliable and long-lasting oil filters and fuel injection pump parts.

Spark Plug

Spark plugs play a vital role in producing spark inside the engine. There are multiple signs of defective spark plugs. If you are having trouble starting your car or having trouble while accelerating the car these are the indications of worn our plugs that in such case you should immediately arrange new spark plugs for your vehicle spark plugs. Quality spark plugs at Bosch OEM auto parts are available. 

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