Every automobile needs a spare part at some stage of automobile life. Automobile parts are replaced to keep the vehicle functioning properly. Replacing the accurate spare part is a game as choosing the wrong OEM or Genuine automobile spare part can cause danger to the vehicle as well as the passengers. At present time, there are many automobile parts manufacturers including car spare parts Dubai that are presenting outclass spare parts with good quality and 100% functionality. A different range of spare parts is manufactured that ensures you choose the most suitable spare part for your vehicle. There are some differences including all the myths and truths about OEM and genuine automobile spare parts: 

Difference Based On Functionality:

If your vehicle experiences any type of wear or tears while driving, it’s time for some replacement of affected car parts. If we talk about the functionality of an OEM spare part and a Genuine spare part, then OEM parts are the most closely resembled parts of the original one. They have the same make, model, and manufacturer as the original part. Whereas a genuine automobile spare part is different in shape, make, and model. Also, its manufacturer is different and many genuine part manufacturers are presenting spare automobile parts with excellent functionality. Although these parts are made by other manufacturers they present the same high-quality functioning as an OEM spare part. 

Price Range:

When it comes to the price range of both types of automobile spare parts. An OEM is about 60% more expensive than a genuine spare part. People think that an OEM is best in performance than a genuine spare part but this is not right. A genuine spare part functions the same as an OEM part. Reputable manufacturers make sure to inset every feature that is there in an original car part. So isn’t it better to get the same features in a reasonable spare part?

Quality And Performance: 

Genuine spare parts resemble the OEM parts of the vehicle and so they also come in excellent quality. These parts also perform outstanding and there’s no difference found in both an OEM spare part performance and a genuine part performance. All the features can be found In excellent quality and function in genuine automobile spare parts for vehicles. 

Availability And Reliability Among These Parts:

In the matter of availability, a genuine automobile spare part is best. This is because the OEM parts are manufactured in a limited amount and so have limited dealerships. A genuine automobile spare part on the other hand is easily available at various online as well as offline stores. This is because genuine car parts are manufactured by a huge number of manufacturers and they offer almost all the spare parts for every kind of vehicle. You can also buy car parts online from a reliable automobile spare parts store. So there’s no worry about not finding a car spare part easily. 

While making your purchase for a vehicle spare part, you should always look for its reliability and quality. Do not ever go for a local spare part just to save your money because this can make your life as well. 

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