A counterfeit car part is a replication of the car issued by the manufacturer. These parts are usually made without the consent of the car manufacturer and with malicious intent. It becomes difficult to distinguish between the real parts from the fake ones. As Fake parts are cheap as compared to real ones, there is a temptation to buy them without checking their authenticity. Counterfeit parts reduce the efficiency of the car instead of increasing it. When they fail, it can be harmful to the car, its system, and even the occupants. Everything including, counterfeit filters, brake pads, alloy wheels, and cables have found its way onto the market. There are a few reasons why counterfeit spare parts can be dangerous. 

Threat To Security 

The first reason to avoid counterfeit replacement spares is that they are a safety hazard. The brakes you bought for your vehicle may not stop the vehicle in time, or the fake allow wheels may break the moment it hits the first pothole. Furthermore, the counterfeit electrical components you use in your engine may also short out. All of these counterfeit parts are downright dangerous. To prevent such things come to auto spare parts Dubai for reliable and genuine OEM parts. Triple-A trading only promotes top-quality auto parts. 

Inferior Quality

As counterfeit replacement parts are cheap as compared to genuine parts, the companies that sell them often use low-quality materials in manufacturing those parts, they compromise on the quality and workmanship. They are not designed to last for a longer time. Therefore you need to stay away from buying fake parts. In case you are looking for top-quality auto parts triple-A trading can ease your burden. You can buy auto spare parts online on our websites. Auto spare parts Dubai provides every kind of genuine car part including diesel fuel injection systems and diesel fuel injectors. 

Road Accidents 

According to reports that 2 out of 10 car accidents in a country are caused by fake car parts. This is probably the most alarming fact about fake car parts. When a counterfeit part malfunctions, this can result in severe damage. The impacts can go as for as serious injury and death. Triple-A- trading is all about the welfare of its customers that why we only supply genuine OEM parts at our auto spare parts Dubai. We know the importance of using original car parts. 

Emission Level 

Counterfeit parts reduce the efficiency level of the engine, which results in more emissions. These emission levels can also be harmful to the environment and this may also not meet the emission standards set by the government. So we would recommend only genuine auto parts at auto spare parts Dubai. As these counterfeit parts are harmful to the environment as well as to the people. Triple-A trading also provides an online service you can buy auto spare parts online. 

False Economy 

Since counterfeit spare parts are cheap as compared to the real ones and you are made to believe that you have saved money. But actually, in the long run, you would spend more money on repairs and replacements. Which will be more costly so you should always opt for genuine parts. For genuine diesel fuel injection and diesel fuel injectors visit auto spare parts Dubai. 

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