Your car, if something goes wrong with your car repair, you don’t know much, then it’s time to go to the shop of Auto spare parts Dubai and find out what’s wrong. However, about getting ripped off lots of people are understandably worried when a customer doesn’t know anything about cars mechanics are pretty good at detecting. To avoid this, what’s going on inside your car it’s a good idea to narrow down the possibilities. You’ll only need these tools: your sense of sight, hearing, touch, and smell.

Look Around You

To ensure that important parts of your car are working as they should, a few sight checks can help. Here’s what to search for:

Warning Lights 

The warning lights are the most obvious starting point on your dashboard. The most common yet, the Check Engine light, because it can cover problems ranging widely in severity can be utterly confusing. 

Tire Check

To make sure they’re in good shape take a close look at your tires. Tires have a tread that reduces your chances of hydroplaning, increases grip, and channels water away from the contact patch. 

Fluid Puddles

It’s cause for concern if you ever spot underneath your car fluid collecting. It’s vital whatever type of fluid it is to your car’s reliability and performance.

Listen Up

Anything out of the ordinary keeps your ears open, such as:

Clunking Or Creaking

Often make clunking or clicking sounds of worn-out suspension components. If a suspension strut or shock is worn out, especially when driving over a bump it can clunk when force is placed upon it.

Ticking Or Squealing

With a belt under the hood, a prolonged squeal or hearing a rapid tick can indicate an issue. 

Popping Or Banging

When fuel ignites engine backfires occur, producing a popping or banging noise when it is not supposed to.


When there’s an issue grinding is often heard with gears meshing together, so transmission problems unsurprisingly cause this noise.

Bubbling Or Gurgling

A bubbling or gurgling noise means there’s air mixing with the fluid. This allows air into the radiator and increases the chances of overheating and it could leak into your cooling system.

Feel Out Funkiness

For feeling out car problems your own body is also an excellent tool. Maybe you feel a bumpy ride, or abnormal resistance and an unusual vibration. 

Vibrating Or Shaking

Shakes and vibrations can cause numerous issues, all before coming to a conclusion so make sure to inspect them. First of all, check your tires and wheels.

Leaning Or Pulling

When your car pulls in a direction you don’t want it to go it’s scary. Most often it’s a problem that causes your car to lean or pull with the wheels, tires, steering, or suspension. 

Spongy Or Low Brake Pedal

In your car, Brakes are arguably the most important safety system, so any unusual feeling should be taken care of right away in the pedal. 

Steering Feels Loose Or Hard To Turn

The steering wheel is turned and your car should go in that direction – it’s as simple as that. If the steering wheel has increased resistance or feels disconnected, safely controlling your car it’s only going to make it harder for you.

Follow Your Nose

An unusual smell can indicate a variety of problems in your car, by hanging an air freshener none of which can be fixed over the rearview mirror. There are certain odors associated with mechanical problems or failing parts; it could simply be that your interior needs a thorough cleaning. Buy auto spare parts online for the solution of all the above.

Mold Or Mildew

Make your car an unpleasant place with the nasty smell of mold. For dampness start by feeling your carpets and floor mats. 

Smoke Or Burning 

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as the saying goes, diagnose it immediately so if you smell burning in your car.

Exhaust Or Fuel

An exhaust system can allow their telltale odors into the cabin. It’s outright dangerous if you smell either and regardless of the cause. 


With the battery or catalytic converter, the pungent aroma of rotten eggs indicates an issue. With a mixture of water and sulfuric acid, many car batteries are filled. 


Coolant has a uniquely sweet smell and is also known as antifreeze, which likely means on your hands you have a coolant leak.

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