In a vehicle, fuel injectors play a critical role. Fuel goes into the combustion chamber during the power stroke; they control the amount and time. The fuel injectors of  Auto spare parts Dubai ensure optimum efficiency and optimum combustion. However, the fuel injectors may develop some problems without proper maintenance, such as;

  • Developing Mechanical Issues
  • Developing Electrical Issues ( when receiving commands from Computer malfunctions)
  • Clogging or Blockage Issues — due to accumulation of dirt and/or debris (normally the most common injector problem)

At the signs of bad injectors, it’s critical to be alert so that when they occur you act immediately. Common symptoms of bad fuel injectors are given below.

Check Engine Light Illuminates Solid or Flashes

Check engine light comes on or the flash is dirty or the malfunctioning fuel injector is the cause of one of the engine issues. Within the fuel injection system or GDI System, this light can indicate an issue. It usually creates the symptom when a fuel injector fails,  too much or too little fuel going into the engine, and sometimes no fuel at all. Any fluctuations in the fuel the engine control unit (ECU) can detect are injected into the motor, and consequently, can trigger to come on the check engine light. What could be going on with your vehicle for more information on how this system works? Call our skilled service staff!

Rough Idling/Irritating Idle Noise

Typically, a car when idle delivers a subtle rumble. If the sound has gone it may be a sign of bad fuel injectors if you notice that from low to a rough and unpleasant noise. That occurs on the injector nozzles when particles build-up, thus atomization of fuel and affecting the amount of spray. Although the rough noise might also be attributed to dirty air filters it can also indicate problems with bad fuel injectors and/or spark plugs and other components.

Engine Misfiring

If you’ve experienced engine misfiring or when you step on the accelerator pedal a delayed response, it can also be a sign of problems with diesel fuel injectors. Misfires can also be caused by clogged fuel-injector nozzles as with rough idle.

The ECU controls the fuel injected into the engine and works to monitor, there’ll be problems in the fuel-air mix within the engine’s combustion chamber if the injector can’t deliver the right amount at the right time. As a result, you get a delayed acceleration response or the engine misfires. Misfire codes can also indicate problems with fuel injectors.

Fuel Leaks

In your car if there’s a sharp and pungent smell of fuel and your vehicle while driving has one or two signs mentioned above, then you could have a fuel leak there’s a likelihood. They are worn out or improperly maintained if fuel injectors can start leaking. In a car, fuel injectors are critical components. Whenever, have a professional technician at Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood, Co – Arvada, CO – Westminster, CO repair you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms to ensure optimum engine performance. Buy Auto spare parts online  Feel free to call if you are experiencing problems or make an appointment today!

Bad Injectors Damage Your Engine

A faulty fuel injector can cause serious engine damage if left too long which requires major repair. Buy diesel fuel injectors Dubai By using Rislone Gasoline avoids the cost and hassle. Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles Fuel System Treatment or Diesel Fuel System Treatment, relying on the type of driving you do.Every 3,000 miles if you drive a short distance you’ll want to use it, in stop-and-go traffic or cold weather. Fuel injector problems can eventually lead to a breakdown, or an accident if your engine fails in extreme cases, while on the highway traveling at speed. Before that happens be sure to treat the problem.

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