In recent times vehicles have become an integral part of our lives. On the surface level, it might look simple but when we examine it deeply and thoroughly we may find a lot of complex things. When a Bunch of various simple and complex components is brought together then a car is formed. A thoughtful driver must have knowledge and awareness about the basic parts of the vehicle to run the vehicle smoothly on the roads. If you don’t know what the Basic components of a vehicle are and how they work we will make it easy for you here is a detailed description of vehicle parts and their specific functions auto spare parts Dubai provides a complete guide to know about the essential auto parts. We believe that making our customers aware of automotive parts is more important than fixing their automobile parts.

Engine And Its Functioning

The first and foremost part of the vehicle is the engine which is considered to be the heart of a vehicle and if the heart of the vehicle is intact then the rest of the body will work. The primary function of the engine is to burn the fuel and provide mechanical power or torque. This torque is responsible for making the car run on the road. In the process of starting the engine internal controlled combustions are involved that determine the movement of the vehicle.

The battery is probably the second most important component of a vehicle.

The primary function of the battery is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy which is used in starting the car by transporting the power to the starter to run the electrical accessories of the Car. Most of the car’s electrical components work with the help of a battery. It also helps in stabilizing the voltage to keep the vehicle running.

Starter And Alternator

An alternator is also a critical component of a vehicle as the battery provides help in starting the car. An alternator is responsible for charging the car battery so that other electrical components of the car can be powered. The alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of a stator and rotor. The alternating current is converted into a DC current that charges the battery. Overpowering the battery may also result in damaging the system. The starter on the other hand converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The primary function of the starter is to rotate and start, that’s why it is named so if your vehicle takes more time in starting it means that your starter may have defects. Starters and alternators wore out with time; they should be replaced to prevent excessive damage.

Fuel Injector

It is an electronically controlled apparatus it has the capability of opening and closing multiple times in a second it basically spreads fuel in the engine. They have specific tips that determine the even distribution of fuel the fuel pump sends the fuel to the injectors and then sprays this fuel in combustion chambers for maximum efficiency. In the past carburetor was used in vehicles but around the 1990s this was replaced by the fuel injectors

Brakes And Braking Mechanisms

As we already know that brakes determine reducing the speed or stopping the car they are the control agents of the vehicle. Brakes ensure the safety and security of 

people inside the vehicle and people roaming outside. Mainly the brake system is the combination of two parts, a rotating and a stationary part; they both work in a mutual manner to reduce the speed or stop the car in bringing these two together there are various components involved. The braking system works in a complex manner.

Two Major Types Of Brake Systems

Mainly there are two types of braking systems: disc brake system and drum brake system. They are different in design as well as in their function. The disc brake system is mostly used in the front wheels but it can be found in the back wheels as well depending on the type of vehicle. On the other hand, drum brakes are only found on the rear of the vehicle; the brake system converts kinetic energy into thermal energy with the help of friction.

Disc Brakes System

In most of today’s cars, a disc brake system is used on the front wheels; few vehicles have a four-wheel disc brake system. The disc brake system includes a rotor that is connected to the wheels. The master cylinder causes hydraulic pressure on the clipper which results in contracting the pads thus the friction between the rotor and pads reduces the speed or stops the car completely.

Drum Brake System

This is the second brake system: the drum brake consists of brake shoes and piston friction is caused with the help of shoes that helps in stopping the car. We offer OEM auto parts that are reliable and long-lasting. 

Spark Plugs

A vehicle owner should always keep the importance of spark in mind. It may be small in size but they play a vital role in the functioning of the vehicle. Spark plugs are electrical devices that occur inside the combustion engines. Have you ever thought about how internal combustion occurs with the help of spark plugs? The spark plug with the help of a spark ignites the air/ fuel mixture that creates controlled explosions inside the engine which makes the engine capable of producing power. Worn-out spark plugs reduce the spark that may lose the capability of creating explosions which the engine will not run. The owner should know about the details of spark plugs.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering fluid plays a vital role in moving the car. Vehicle drivers should know this because it is important. The name itself indicates it assists in steering and rotating the vehicle effortlessly. Power steering fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is a part of the steering system it helps in generating a link between the steering wheel and the front wheels of the vehicle. It helps in reducing the power needed for steering or rotating. Lubricating the components of the steering system is its main function.

Spare Tire

The vehicle driver should know about this as this is important while it may not seem important but when your tire goes flat in a remote area where there are no on-site facilities then you will know the importance of a spare tire. A vehicle must be equipped with a spare tire with all its required tools. Buy car parts online from our site without any effort.

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