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V-Belt Suppliers In Dubai

Triple-A trading is the leading V-Belt supplier in Dubai. We provide a variety of quality v-belts at reasonable prices. Our products are sourced from various top brands that are focused on providing long-lasting v-belts for every sort of vehicle. We have vast stocking systems that enable us to deliver v-belts to you on time. As v-belts play a vital role in the efficiency of any machinery. They are commonly used in automobile engines to drive accessories, such as the air conditioning compressor, power steering fan, and alternator. It has a trapezoidal cross-section. It comes in various shapes and types so the right type of v-belt will ensure the efficiency of your vehicle. V-shape belts are made of rubber, neoprene, and urethane synthetic materials. The top part of the belt is called the insulation section which contains fiber cords that increase the strength because it carries the load of traction force. For top quality, long-lasting v-belts visit our store in Dubai. 

V-Belt Ranges Available At Our Store

Triple-A trading is a reliable supplier of v-belts across Dubai. Our products are procured from the most renowned and reputed vendors in the industry. We offer a variety of v-belts inclusive of; V-belt, Poly V-belt, Fenner V-belt, Classical V-belts, Multi-pull poly V-belts, Transmission poly V-belts, and Power transmission poly V-belts.

Our products are manufactured under the supervision of experts using quality materials. our manufacturing companies have designed the v-belts to bear the harsh and cold weather with multiple specifications. Triple-A trading only deals with the reputed industries in this field which is why our products are highly appreciated by several clients across the globe. Our products are durable and reliable because we offer a warranty. Triple-A trading is the sole licensed provider of auto parts including V-belts in Dubai from reputed companies. At our auto store in Dubai, we have hired a bunch of professionals in this industry to ensure timely delivery of v-belts to every nook and corner of the world. We are the leading v-belt supplier in Dubai. 

Advantages Of V-Belt  

We offer superior quality v-belts that work at single and banded on multiple pulleys. Our regular and banded V-Belts are made of rubber, neoprene, and urethane with the right combination of cotton, carbon, and synthetic materials. We provide various types of v-belts at reasonable prices. V-belt is an integral part of any machinery. The V- belt work as a transmission belt. The V-belt transmits torque or power from driving components to the driven components including the alternator and the hydraulic pump. It ensures the gripping components like pulleys during operations which decrease the risk of slippage and increases the consistency of the system’s output. V-belt determines the transmission of power between a set of sheaves or grooved pulleys. V-belts are also used in factories and workshops where a high amount of power is needed to move the items down the manufacturing process. Apart from this v-belts are widely used in different industrial applications which include; Automotive, Valves and pumps, Plumbing products, Dairy/food processing, Hydraulic fittings, Power generation, Fluid Power, and Instrumentation.

In distributing superior quality V-belts Triple-A trading is second to none because our v-blets meet internationally accepted standards and cross sections. 

Why Choose Us

In a short period, Triple-A trading has become the leading supplier of v-belts in Dubai due to its quality v-blets services across Dubai. We only supply v-blets from reputed companies. These companies select their manufacturing materials from the best sources around the globe and their v-belts are designed for hot, humid, and dusty conditions. We offer superior quality v-belts at reasonable prices. Apart from large storing and stocking systems, we have experts in this field which enable us to have a responsive approach to customer needs and satisfy their requirements quickly and with a high degree of flexibility. You can book your orders online and our customer services center will help you in booking your order online. We 24/7 to help our clients.