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“Denso Spark Plug Iridium Tough 267700-3720 / VK20Y – Mercedes-Benz”

“Denso Spark Plug Iridium TT 267700-7140 / IKH16TT – Chrysler / Citroën / Dodge / Hyundai / Infiniti / Kia / Lexus / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Peugeot / Ram / Suzuki / Toyota”

“Denso Spark Plug Iridium TT 267700-8490 / IXEH20ETT – Nissan”

Bosch Double Iridum Spark Plug 0242135509 – Mercedes

Bosch Spark Plug Double Platinum / FR8DPP33 0242230500 – Alpha Romeo / Fiat / Mercedes / Mitsubishi / Nissan

Bosch Spark Plug Double Platinum 0242236510 – BMW / Opel / Subaru

Bosch Spark Plug Platinum +4 0242236562 – Alpina / BMW / Land Rover / Mini / Rolls-Royce

Bosch Spark Plug, Platinum / YR7MPP33 0242135509 – Hyundai / Mercedes / Mitsubishi

Buy Bosch Double Iridum Spark Plug 242135509 – Mercedes Online

Buy Bosch Glow Plug Duraterm 0250402002 – BMW Online

Buy Bosch Spark Plug Double Iridium 0242135529 – Mazda Online

Buy Bosch Spark Plug Double Iridium 0242140528 – Porsche / VW Online

 Spark Plugs In Dubai

The spark plug can be defined as the tool that occurs inside the engine and helps it in sparking in order to flame the gasoline it varies from engine to engine it will not work in easy words it helps in the starting of the engine it is small in size but it performs a heavy duty in the engine. 

Mostly three types of plugs are accessible which are platinum spark plugs, Iridium spark plugs and copper spark plugs. Different companies made spark plugs according to their capacity it varies from company to company and engine to engine. Most the well know companies make Iridium spark plugs because it possesses many special features, for instance, they possess strong electrodes as compared to the others it lasts for a longer duration because it is said to be many much more efficient in performance in comparison to the others.

Spark Plugs Auto Parts Include

The spark plugs consist of plating; the gasket is responsible for narrowing the gap shell and is also an important part of the spark plug. insulator work as an insulating agent in the spark plug, terminal the terminal is the main source of transferring voltage each and every part of the spark plug performs different functions if one of them does not work it means the entire system will not work and the engine will not be able to start they all are inter-dependant. All these combine into one and made a spark plug that ultimately starts the engine and helps in running the car.

Why Choose Triple A Trading 

Dealing of Spark Plugs is done from Dubai as we are the major provider of these products. Dubai spark plugs are very much efficient because of their unique and long-lasting features. They are modified in such a way that they can bear any sort of circumstances. They are specially modified for every sort of heat are cold conditions the customer will not have disappointment while using this. They are made in such a way that they offer much spark and are equipped with much higher resilient nature things. They are prepared for special gas engines which provide better functionality as compared to other cheap quality spark plugs because we only deal with those companies that take the customer interest on their priority list.

Triple A trading offers Bosch Double Iridum Spark Plug, Bosch Double Iridum Spark Plug, Bosch Spark Plug Double Platinum, and Bosch Spark Plug Platinum Mercedes / Mitsubishi. Triple A trading also offers trade opportunities in such experienced and well-known companies. We offer spark plugs of a more authentic and qualitative nature. We work only with those industries that are running this business for decades and that is what we do for customer care. Customer’s need is our priority triple A trading offers spark plugs that are highly equipped with authentic material because our core principle is authenticity and quality. Keeping all the above details in mind it should be easier for the customer why to choose triple A trading. Triple A trading works as a bridge between the customers of auto products and the industries that manufacture these products. We offer to help hands to everyone around the globe all those people who cannot reach out their products we make it possible for them.